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Polymorphic Inc.




January 2014


Designed and developed Polymorphic Inc. website. Created with Wordpress in mind, and using several custom made plugins to increase the ease of use and flexibility of the site. Fully responsive and mobile ready.


Designed and developed Polymorphic Inc. website. The design features a large header featuring a photo taken by me while I was in Utah. The site’s color comes from the primary color of Polymorphic Inc, while the rest of the site is black and white allowing the companies’ image come through via color.


It is based upon Bootstrap 3 and is mobile ready. It features a simple grid layout of content that is easy to follow and scales well with any screen size. It is fully compatible with all browsers down to IE8.

WordPress Ready

The entire site is WordPress ready and all content can be dynamically changed via the WordPress interface. This allows easier, quicker, and more changes to be done a timely manner. Also includes several custom WordPress features to allow an easy workflow.

Personal Note

I am the creator/owner of Polymorphic Inc., and while I don’t believe this influences my opinions on the design of the site, I wanted to put that out there for any readers who may be interested in that information.


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