UnityNote – “Sticky Notes” for Unity

UnityNote is an easy way to include "sticky notes" throughout your scene. These notes come in different colors and can be placed in any 2d/3d scene. These can be useful when working in a large teams with complex scenes with interactions or areas that you want to document.

Custom Github Gists syntax color highlighting

Gists offer a great way to share snippets of code, but are also useful for embedding them into your website or blog! Wordpress and Jekyll have this feature built in where all you need to do is paste the full gist link and it'll be converted to an embedded version.

Smooth Yellow Syntax Theme (VSCode)

Visual Studio code syntax theme featuring a smooth golden yellow with a contrasting dark background. Supports all languages with future support planned for workbench theming (VSCode 1.11+).

Minimal Jekyll Portfolio

This is a modern HTML5/CSS3 minimal theme called Minimal Portfolio which is designed to be used with Jekyll.

Improve XPS 13 Developer Edition touchpad palm rejection while typing on Ubuntu

I just recently picked up a brand new XPS 13 Dev Edition, which is running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. So far I'm liking it, but there are a couple things I needed to change to make it more enjoyable to use. One of the big ones is the touchpad seems to not have any palm rejecting going on at all. Let's fix it!

M-PageTransition – Simple jQuery page transition

M-PageTransition is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily have your web pages fade to and from a designated color.

M-Buttons – Modular Sass/CSS button library

M-Buttons is a CSS3 SASS button library designed around modular classes and ease-of-use. The goal is to create an extremely modular button library with easy to use classes and a very configurable sass source.


A basic Angular.js todo app to get you started with learning Angular! It's a simple todo application where you can add and remove items and mark them as complete when you accomplish the task.